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Georgia Senator Nabilah Islam Parkes Engages with Atlanta Retailers Association

Georgia Senator Nabilah Islam Parkes (D–Lawrenceville) made a significant impact during her recent visit with the Board of Directors of the Atlanta Retailers Association. As the first-ever Muslim woman and the youngest female state Senator in Georgia, Sen. Islam Parkes brings a fresh perspective to legislative matters. Community Support, networking opportunities such as the ARA Trade Show, and working towards common goals of progress and inclusivity were some key highlights that were discussed.


Our 2024 TRADESHOW featured category leaders displaying the newest market trends that are going to come very soon. With a focus on innovation, our TRADESHOW provided attendees with a unique opportunity to connect with over 100 vendors and retailers across the industry and gain insight into the latest best practices and innovative ideas. Our commitment to education and networking ensures that our members and attendees stay up to date on the latest market trends and business strategies.

ARA Town Hall Meeting 2023 

ARA conducted its 2023 Town hall meeting at Ashiana Banquet Hall, programs and rebate structure was shared, Atlanta Police Department gave an update on camera surveillance system, David Jaffer shared his expertise on COAM contracts, raffle prices and lunch wrapped up the event.