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At ARA, we wholeheartedly believe that a community is a close-knit family who grows together, helps each other, and truly moves forward as a whole. The Members and Directors of Atlanta Retailers Association have always attributed their success to the Atlanta community and therefore, whenever the opportunity arises to give back, we never fail to meet the challenge. We consider ourselves very fortunate to be members of the Atlanta family and as such, we sincerely take pride in being able to help organizations such as the Children’s Miracle Network and the American Red Cross.

Aside from making personal donations, our Members have engaged in taking a hands-on-approach to raising funds for numerous charities and disaster relief efforts. Following the disastrous Asian Tsunami in 2004, all ARA members took an active role by keeping donation boxes at all of their businesses in order to raise more funds for the victims. CEO Timothy English, of the American Red Cross, acknowledged the members and genuinely thanked the Association for providing immediate assistance to victims of the disaster.

Similarly, ARA was very fortunate to play a role in helping the Neuroscience Center at the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. The Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta is a true beacon of love and support to thousands of children in our community who are in need of medical attention. Being able to help those children was truly a pleasure for ARA and we hope to continue the tradition through the years ahead.

As much as our Members give back to the local community, they also provide a great deal of support and donations globally. For over 10 years, ARA has been an avid supporter of ParntershipsInAction, a global initiative aimed at alleviating poverty in the Third World while building an infrastructure of higher education, better health services, rural development, and civil society. ARA has not only made monetary contributions to PartnershipsInAction but we have been able to raise funds and receive donations from our Vendors.

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